Why Be Happy?

Research in the field of positive psychology has shown that we have a “happiness setpoint”, a level of happiness around which each of us tends to hover. We may have intervals of bliss and intervals of deep sadness, but in general, we tend to move back to our happiness level. Research also shows that we have the ability to influence our happiness up to approximately 40%. That is, we can increase our levels of happiness to a sizable extent.

Does Positivity Matter?

But does it matter? Why be happy? Who really cares? Well, anyone who cares about improved health, improved brain functioning, and even improved profitability. A number of recent studies show that it is possible for positive emotions to increase personal resources, both physical and mental.

Not only that, but scientists are able to measure how positive emotions affect these areas. These studies show that increases in positive emotions result in improved immune functioning, reduced inflammation from stress, increased resistance to infections, improved resiliency, and lowered cortisol in the body.

Increased positive emotions improve thinking ability, including increased cognitive flexibility and improved speed and accuracy in thinking and reasoning.

Other studies show that corporate teams who scored highest in terms of performance, customer service, and profitability had a high ratio (3 to 1) of positive experiences to negative experiences.

Benefits Of Positivity

It has been scientifically shown that positive emotions can help a person enjoy

  • better physical health
  • improved thinking and academic abilities
  • improved athletic abilities
  • enhanced interpersonal relationships
  • easier psychological and social adjustments
  • greater ability to regulate one’s emotions
  • superior ability to face and overcome obstacles

Does it matter? Who cares? Are you interested in improved health and well being, improved physical abilities, improved mental functioning, and better coping skills?

One of the best methods may be to start doing things to influence that 40% of happiness that we can affect. Start small by choosing one or two exercises that have been shown to increase happiness levels. You can begin reaping the benefits of this science right away.

The Happiness Hundred

To help you get started on ways to boost your positivity, download this free resource from TheExceleratedLife.com: The Happiness Hundred – 100 things you can do right now to increase your positivity.

Of course, don’t do all 100 right now, but pick one exercise that appeals to you and do it today. Pick a different exercise each day, to avoid overpractice of any one happiness tool which can lead to quick adaptation, i.e. the exercise loses its ability to increase your happiness level.

Many are quick and easy, some require a little more time and effort, and all are enjoyable. Using this resource, you can quickly boost your positivity and begin reaping the benefits of a happier outlook. And that is Excelerating!

Excelerated Positivity™ — building the skills in positivity that help you flourish — is one step in creating your Excelerated Life™ , a life of well-being, meaning, and purpose.

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