The Excelerated Life™ – Principles and Practices

The Excelerated Life™ – Principles and Practices

The principles and practices for living an Excelerated Life™ have developed and evolved over time.  I have grouped the principles under 3 Sections:  Foundation – Strengthen your standards; Excelerate – Move forward while increasing your ability to be outstanding, first-rate and exceptional; and Maintenance – Care for your most valuable asset.

The principles of the Excelerated Life™ are divided into 6 areas:  Clean Up Your Act, Positivity and Happiness, (Foundation), Goals and Goal Setting,  Action, (Excelerate), Self-Care, and Life Management (Maintenance). 

For each principle, I have identified 3 practices that enable you to make progress in the corresponding area.

These are the practices for living an Excelerated Life™!

Foundation – Strengthen Your Standards

Clean Up Your Act

  • Excelerated Acceptance™ – identifying and accepting the things you are struggling with
  • Dealing with the things you’ve been tolerating
  • Excelerated Values™ – defining and living your Valid Values

Positivity / Happiness

  • Discovering and using your Signature Strengths
  • Developing  Excelerated Relationships™ – nurturing ties to other people
  • Excelerated Positivity™ – building the skills in positivity that help you flourish

Excelerate – Move Forward While Increasing Your Ability To Be Outstanding, First-Rate And Exceptional

Goals And Goal Setting

  • Excelerated Focus™  – aligning your actions with your true desires
  • Excelerated Accomplishment™ – achieving meaningful objectives
  • Excelerated Goal Setting™ – setting and planning BIG – Bold, Important, Gratifying – goals


  • Excelerated Productivity™ – improving efficiency and effectiveness
  • Excelerated Self-discipline™ – doing what you say you will do
  • Taking Excelerated Action™ in pursuit of your goals

Maintenance – Care For Your Most Valuable Asset


  • Excelerated Fundamentals™ – perfecting basic self-care practices
  • Excelerated Reserves™ – building your reserves in all areas
  • Excelerated Self-care™ – taking excellent care of yourself

Life Management

  • Excelerated Simplicity™ – freeing yourself from unnecessary complexity
  • Excelerated Organization™ – being clutter-free and well-enough organized — able to find what you need when you need it
  • Excelerated Habits™ – automating your best behaviors

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